We aim to nourish your emotions with food and art
image of a person holding a plant

I have always seen dinner as a powerful moment where family get together to talk, share and rest.

Everytime I think about a workshop I feel I want to share more than my knowledge. Being away from home got me thinking, that our friends and the people we know along the way have became our family.

Image of table with candles and notebooks

The experience I want to bring to you is full of exploration and creativity. I want to share with you my creative process as a way of connecting with myself and with the universe and in that universe exist the others.

I got to share this especial day with my dear friend and great chef ‘El Colibri’. People were able to create while they were also being served creations.

We thought about this idea while we were sitting dreaming, as we always are. “We aim to nourish people emotions with food and art” we said.

image of drawing elements on a table
Image of two people, one standing, one sitting
image of a person serving food
image of a person serving food
This is not your usual art workshop or dining experience. We believe great memories are linked to connections with your surroundings and people.
image of group attending a workshop

Photography: @ejgfoto
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