When we are constantly moving, home acquires many meanings and shapes. If we see home as the centre of the world it suggests not just an actual place but a state of mind from where we can peacefully exist.

Image of La Vanesso, the artist of this website

The beautiful action of getting together in any space evolves a certain type of magic and for me, magic always acts as a type of healing. Creating and eating share the same type of power.

This workshop was born when I was feeling disconnected from my home; disconnected from myself. What I missed the most were the talks and the food around the table with my loved ones so I started thinking in ways where I could use art as a guide to my centre and food as an excuse to walk that path.

The experience I want to bring to you recollects those steps, through exploration and creativity I share my creative process as a way to connect with myself and by that with the whole universe.

Image of people sitting at a table doing a workshop

On this occasion I decided to invite my great friend/chef Pablo, from Argentina to Melbourne he will delight our senses with a special menu inspired on our South American land, in our indigenous traditions and also in the creative process that I want to share with you!

We would like to pay homage and celebrate ancestral ingredients from the Andes, exploring the idea of ancestral family.

Image of a person serving desserts,
Image of food served.
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Image of a person drawing.
Image of La Vanesso the artist of the website.
Image of glass cups arranged in a table.
Image of glass cups arranged.
Image of people at a workshop.
Image of people drawing.
Image of a chef serving.
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Photography: @kidotki
Find chef Pablo at: @barzolane
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